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Mission Statement 

XTRANS has been created to police supernatural activity within the city, to guard humankind against uncontrolled massacre by supernaturals, and to keep the existence of monsters a secret in the public interest.  XTRANS itself will remain a secret from the population at large. 

Entry Requirements. 

To join XTRANS you must be in good physical condition and of sound mind.  You must be aware of the existence of monsters, and have some experience dealing with them in a calm and rational fashion.  If you wish to join, you will undergo physical and mental testing, and later training, to assess your suitability for the job. 

The Reglements: 

These are the guidelines under which XTRANS will operate. 

I. Monsters will not be allowed to take human life in mass or indiscriminately.  We understand supernaturals must kill to survive in some cases.   Any monster that wantonly or openly slays masses of people will have to be destroyed. 

II. Monsters must remain a secret from the population.  Any monster judged to be threatening secrecy of monsters at large will have to be sanctioned. 


In order to cull and control the monster population, XTRANS personnel will have the following equipment at their disposal:

a) Standard XTRANS Armament: A multi-purpose weapon incorporating a disruptor pistol, based on an XTRA weapons platform commonly in use by the Red Moon Cult, which is highly effective against nonhuman lifeforms.  It also contains stroboscopic and ultrasonic blasters, and the multi-purpose cement gun which can make even mega-strong opponents manageable.
b) Standard XTRANS Coat of Armor.  Though this resembles a mere coat, it is a suit of heavy-guage flannel cloth with knitted teflon and interlocking kevlar plates, as effective as the latest body armor.  This coat will provide protection from claws and projectiles of monsters.  The deluxe model, available on request, carries a high-voltage charge that will repel clinging parasites.
c) XTRANS Flyer: On excursion missions, a team will be equipped with a single XTRANS flyer.  A small mobile stealth aircraft capable of inner city travel.  It is built of the most advanced lightweight polymers and employs the smallest turbo-turbines.
d) Standard Detectors: Small hand-held units that detect and pinpoint known alien life-forms. 
e) City-Wide Web: A web of detectors placed around the city that relays to Central Dispatch, which can be used to monitor concentrations of monsters, or to assist squads in tracking a fleeing perpetrator. 
f) Communicators: Two-way voice relay to Central. 
g) NightVision Glasses: These ordinary-looking sunglasses will permit agents to function in near-darkness, where most monsters are at home. 


Medical assistance will be on-hand for downed or injured officers returning from missions, as well as advanced scientific research for supernatural damage taken in the field. 

Benefits Program: 

Those joining the program who wish to volunteer may apply for augmentation in their duties as XTRANS officers.  GELFs and supernaturals may be admitted to the program.  Cybernetic implantation and other augmentation will be possible in future for loyal officers.