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The following are excerpts from documents to be found in various journals and histories, describing some of the undead to be found within the confines of The City, at any given time:

Cabal - the cabal are the oldest race in the galaxy.  Billions of years older than any other.  They had evolved a spacefaring civilization long before the roots of any other form of life had even sprung up in the rest of the galaxy.  Consequently, they have a culture and a technology that is beyond most sentient races, seeming at times even like magic.  The race has split in terrible conflict between two factions, and a third neutral one: The Kerubim, the Daemons and the gargoyles.  Though the races have evolved apart over the eons, you can plainly see the root- that of a winged humanoid.  Though the conflict continues, the Kerubim are the rulers of the physical reality, with the Daemon fitting now more the role of terrorist, trying to subvert and destroy.  The cabal have a special interest in Earth, and it is uncomfortably clear that they have tampered with human culture and evolution.

Cyborg - (fr.cybernetic organism,org.Earth) Cyborgs are to be found in the city, mostly in the employ of organizations or people able to afford such high tech luxuries.  The vast majority of all cyborg parts and devices are developed in the small arab country of Jundahar, the world leader in the field.  Cyborgs are ordinary humans who, for reaons or injury or even voluntary augmentation, have artificial limbs or organs to replace their own natural ones.  Cyborgs are of particular use as bodyguards in the city because they can match the strength and durability of many undead, whereas ordinary mortals cannot, and for this reason they are much prized.  They requrie much support and maintenance, however, and only the very rich or powerful with the right connections will be seen in their company.

Daemon - (see Cabal,pl.Demons) The daemon are the faction of the Cabal which fight to depose the Kerubim and wrest control of the physical universe from them.  Mortals equate their values and manifesto with the notion of "Evil" but naturally, what the cabal truly want is beyond the ken of such people.  Like all cabal, they are fond of man, and try to lever them where possible against the Kerubim.  Daemons are not as pure a breed as Kerubim, and have inducted many members of other races into the ranks of their army, attempting to swell their ranks and power.  Though few are to be found in the city, when one is seen, you can be certain it is to further some scheme.   (see also Succubi.)

Devils - (see Daemons) A race created by the daemon to serve them, even as the Kerubim made some humans immortal to be their footsoldiers, but the daemon built into the servants many mechanisms to keep them servile and lowly and though they do hobble the devils as a race, they nevertheless should be credited that many millenia ago they rose up and freed themselves from the daemons and now exist as a small force within the galaxy.  Their technology is of course stolen, but serviceable.  They are winged, as their masters, and many of them treat Earth as a haven because they resemble humankind enormously.  Daemons and indeed all cabal, regard them with disdain.

Haigh - (org.Kane) One of the gulgacht clans of Kane, the Haigh are creatures who feed off a person's youth rather than blood or skins.  They are often also possessed of high orders of psychic power.

Kerubim - (see Cabal,pl.Angels,Gods,Demigods) The kerubim are the faction of the Cabal currently in power in this part of the universe.  To mortal men they are the embodiment of good, but their agenda has always been their own.  They have a fondness for earth beings, perhaps for the simple and superficial reason that, save for the wings of course, they resemble the kerubim forcibly.  Kerubim are aspected being, and have access to tremendous technology that can seem almost godlike or magical even to enlightened humans of the 20th century.

Rotter - A "rotter" is a form of zombi in a more of less constant state of decay.  Their skin, flesh and other obvious parts seem to putrefy and fall off, giving them a most hideous appearance, yet, their vigor and strength is as supernatural as any undead.

Shaggy Nightbeest - There is no better term for these creatures.  They are large, powerful humanoids with shaggy manes and wicked claws and ferocious tempers.  They are excellent climbers as well.  Normally, they are only observed at night, though no one knows of any reason why.  They seem able to assume a semblance of their formal human form, but they seldom desire to.

Skingryfts - (org.Kane,gulgacht) One of the clans of gulgacht on Kane are called Skingryfts.  Their peculiar brand of empathic shape-shifting/life-stealing is to take the essence of what a person was, devour it, and leave only the skin behind.  The skingryft can then wear this, becoming the likeness of the person even down to their skills and memories.  The skin wears out, especially if injured, and then the skingryft must seek another.  On Kane, the skingryfts were a race created by the Elder Gods (a clan of the deakand, now extinct.)   They gave the skingryfts the particular ability to bridge space, an ability that has made them useful on Kane, to reach other planets.  A coven of skingryfts is necessary to accomplish this feat.

Toxic - (org.Earth) There are certain otherwise-ordinary people who are born with an innate immunity to certain toxic substances usually lethal to humans, and those people are embraced among monsters as "toxics," mainly for the reason that they tend also to be carrying loads of the toxic substance in their own systems, harmless to them, making contact with other humans impossible.  Examples in history are carriers of plagues, but in the modern world there are toxics who emit hard radiation, or are loaded with enough poison to kill ordinary folk with a touch.  Only the undead are hardy enough to brave contact with them, which gravitates them towards the monster community.

Vampire - (org.Nilsferat, Kane) Vampires are perhaps one of the most dangerous of the undead, for they are cunning and subtle.  Virtually human in appearance, and possessed of mind-bending abilities, they often assume positions of great power in circles where humans do not know their true nature.  They can be recognized by their pallor, sharp teeth, and by the fact that they show no reflection, nor image on film.   They can change their shape, and few barriers will hold them back.  As many undead, they seem night invulnerable, yet certain herbs and even the simple emotion of Faith will repel them.  Also, during daylight hours, they revert to the status of a corpse, and must rest on a bed of cool earth.  They do not burn in the rays of the sun, as was suggested by Universal Pictures, so do not think you are safe in the daylight.  They desire and require living blood to sustain themselves, and kill many mortals throughout their long lifetimes, which is perhaps why those that have survived are so clever.  Among monsters, their powers often bring them to positions of authority.

Walker - (fr.Night-Walker,org.Earth) though not truly a race per se, those mortals who dedicate their lives towards the hunting and killing of the undead are worthy of mention.  They refer to themselves, and are referred to, as "Walker" a contraction of "Night-Walker" from an ancient poem.  They have no abhuman abilities, save that unlike most of the rest of humanity, they know about the monsters which walk amongst us and yet, retain their sanity.  They are usually solitary folk, and do not live a tremendously long time, given the powers of their foes.  Some amongst them are related to, or even monsters themselves (re: Dampyl) but the vast majority use no more than skill, daring, their own cunning, and intimate knowledge of all myths and legends to even out the odds.  They embody the ideal that "Knowledge is power."

Werewolf and other weres - (org.Weyr,Kane) Werewolves are people cursed to change oftimes into a mindless beast.  Though variants exist, such as werecats or weresnakes, werewolves are by far the most common.   Unlike most undead, these creatures can seem, act and even think as completely ordinary mortals, except when they are having an attack, when they turn into a wild animal and can be extremely dangerous.   They are extremely difficult to kill in that their bodies seem to self-repair as they change shape, and harder to track by conventional means, moreso than other undead. Often, one never knows who is a werewolf until the change has begun and by then it is too late.  Note: the full moon, and silver bullets are the invention of Universal Motion Pictures Studios.  Pay them no mind when tracking these creatures.