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Algernon/Mr. Hide - (?) In human form, Algernon is a young man who investigates conspiracy theory with skill and verve, and who regards the secret existence of monsters as perhaps the greatest conspiracy of all (and he is probably right.)  He works at XTRANS as a dispatcher.  His alter-ego, Hide is criminally cunning, and of genius-level intellect.  Hide is an anarchist, who seeks chaos and destruction.  Algernon has a small apartment, and Hide has a secret lair somewhere in the vicinity of the school with his equipment and laboratory.  Algernon is largely harmless, but Mr. Hide is deadly and unpredictable.

Blake - (walker) Blake is a young man, fiercely driven to protect mankind vs. the monsters in The City.  He is completely mortal, and tremendously skilled for one so young.  He is often seen in the company of December, a fellow night-walker, or at XTRANS though he is not an agent of it.  Unlike many walkers, he seems able to discern the difference between good and evil monsters.  He has no base, and lives at home with one parent.  He attends the local junior high.  To monsters, he is extremely dangerous.

Chance Hunter/Skan - (weresnake) Chance Hunter is a peaceful, pacifistic young man with a ponytail who studies the martial arts and operates a dojo in The City, with his mentor, master Liu and a young girl named Lacey.   He suffers from lycanthropy in a peculiar form, which causes him when having an attack, to turn into a huge deadly black snake.  In this form, Skan, he is very dangerous.

December - (walker) December is a night-walker, a young girl filled with rage and hatred for all monsters because of a broken home, something in her past.  She can be recognized by white streaks in her hair at the temples.  She is a fierce and dangerous opponent to a monster, and totally unreasonable in matters about monsters.  She considers all monsters fair game, and sees no shades of grey.  She possesses much knowledge of monster myth, and many special-purpose weapons designed for her by a friend called Danzer.

Eglantyne - (vampire) Eglantyne is a vampiress well-established in the city and in the mortal world where she is famous both for her popular books, and for tabloid scandal.  She owns and operates a pub called the Harp and Thistle, and beneath it, the only all-monster club in town - the Necropolis.  She disdains subtlety and has been known to blurt her true nature to all who will listen.  She scorns the company of monsters, generally.  She has great powers, primarily of a psychic nature, and a great vampire cat that protects her home which is a converted warehouse in the east quarter.  She also has a companion called Christopher Orlando.  She is extremely formidable, even if not in direct combat.

The Master - (?) Gone, but not forgotten.  Erstwhile, self-proclaimed king of The City.

Stavros (Ernst Stavros III, mortal) Mr. Stavros is one of the wealthiest men alive, devlish cunning and shrewd, and for some reason he has a fascination for monsters and the supernatural.  On many an occasion, Stavros has helped or assisted monsters out of his own pocket and never once has asked for anything in return.  For this reason, most monsters distrust him.  He owns many businesses, not the least of which is XTRA Labs.  He also is a major investor in XTRANS. He is greek by descent, but little more is known about him.   He seems able to joust with psychic monsters by force of sheer will, and plots and schemed as dastardly as any wizard, yet by all reckoning he is no more than mortal.  Many of his activities are unknown.