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On this page you will find the synopsis of the events of Eyes in the Dark so far, plus you can follow these links for more detailed transcripts and accounts on I2D players' pages:
  • Eglantyne's session transcripts pages.
  • so-n-so's story synposes.
I.The Unkillables
A group of gangsters were overrunning the city, and the police seemed powerless to stop them.  The monsters discovered that the reason was that these gangsters could not die.. Their souls had been taken by a demon.  They did battle with the demon and chased him off, which released the gangsters' souls. 
II.The Lash
Monsters in the city were going berserk.. Attacking people and each other in broad daylight, seeming to go mad and die in pain, their eyes turning golden in color.  Then, one by one, the monsters came down with this dread disease.  They discovered that this was a genetically engineered disease designed by devils to destroy their masters, the demons, and they were using Earth and its supernaturals as a test-bed.  They tracked down the devils for a cure, but found that the devils themselves had caught it, and had no antidote.  In desperation, the monsters turned to Stavros, whose scientists luckily found a cure.  The disease was highly advanced, but it clearly shut down in any terrestrial organism, so a simple injection of human blood would shut the disease down.
The monsters saw flying saucers and followed them to the north pole, where they were buzzing around an oil rig.  Deep beneath the ice was an ancient Atlantaeon station awakened and threatened by the drilling operations.  The Atlantaeons and the Yeti, thinking the monsters an alien threat, attacked to defend the humans on the rig.  A group of Selkie came to their aid, but they were captured and taken to the underwater city.  The monsters discovered than an unscrupulous pair, J'Zin an atlantaeon and Farnsworth a human, had formed a partnership to screw over both their peoples in a bid for domination for themselves.  The players stopped the diabolical plan, but the Atlantaeons and the Selkie were destroyed along with J'Zin and Farnsworth.
IV.If I should die before I wake...
The rakshasa was not quite like other Rakshasa, for it had a dream.. a dream of being human.  Too long it had watched these ephemeral beings dream such dreams and feel such feelings and die, and never known it itself, and it wanted to.  The Rakshasa returned home, taking its monster companions, and on arrival, they were beset by a horde of hungry Raksha.  Angus, acting only in his own defense, murdered a Rakshasa.. something that had not happened in a thousand years, and there began a blood-debt.  The Rakshasa expunged the monsters and shortly thereafter came at them, deceiving, tricking, hunting, determined to pay back the murderer a hundred fold for his unthinkable crime.  The rakshasa sided with his new friends, and was outcast.  Angus, the so-called God of Love, was punished by having the dream of his beloved wife, Caer, ripped from his mind and made flesh again.  His greatest dream-- that she might live again-- granted by the angry Rakshasa in the supreme and bitter irony that now he could feel nothing for her, and her tears could not move him.  Yet, he was beside himself for the repurcussions that his own bloodlust had caused.  Were these the actions of a God of Love?  The Rakshasa emprisoned Angus, but soon he began to become like them as if their atmosphere were altering him.  The monsters then knew they could make another rakshasa, so they took a small girl with a dream of flying and brought her there.  The rakshasa, mollified by the new one among them, released Angus and shortly upon returning to Earth, he returned to normal.  The raksha replaced Caer into his mind and his heart, and there his torments truly began.. for she had been there before him, alive, warm, and loving him still, and all his feelings were gone.  The punishment of the Rakshasa was done, but never over.  He retired to points unknown, his heart broken a second time.
V. Monsters from Outer Space..
Freak weather hit the globe, tornado, rain, storm, earthquake and seemed not to stop.  Power went out, civilization ground to a halt.  The monsters then saw a strange craft in the sky, and soon hijacked it to a massive mothership in orbit.  There they found the Necraed, an alien race of extremely advanced biotechnology who were causing all the environmental pressure in a bid to destroy human civilization and take over the planet.  The monsters diverse extra-terrestrial makeup so baffled the Necraed genetic probes that they were delayed, and then one human, a crazy-boy named Johnny, threw himself into a conduit and blew up the entire ship, ending the Great Walk of Life.  The monsters had never faced so dangerous and tenacious a foe, and many were badly and permanently injured.
The City
Nursing their wounds, some of the monsters retired to a nearby city to put down roots and recuperate.  They discovered a city full of superatural politics and intrigue, which they soon became embroiled in.  In this city there was a creature calling himself the Master, a self-styled King of all Supernaturals in his domain.  He was intent on bringing order to his people, and protecting them from mankind, and they soon found him to be a creature of great benevolence, arrogance and unfortunately, power.  Then came Stavros, long-time associate of Alex Wolf, who also was interested in the creatures, and wanted to study and assist them and the lure of his great wealth was a temptation.  The monsters remain in the city to this day, though most have recovered from their wounds.
VI. Hutopia:
The Rakshasa was dying because of wounds taken during the invasion. It could not feed, except for one empath, and was starving to death.  In desperation, it asked the Master for assistance..  The Master laughed fit to bust, for he knew of the rakshasa's ability to eat dreams and make them come true.  "Eat your own dream!" laughed the Master, and after exhausting all other possibilities, and much worry, the Rakshasa did as it was bid, and became half-human, able to feed itself with its own dreams.  However, at the moment of change, something strange occurred.  All the monsters, wherever they were, were suddenly catapulted forward in time 200 years to a time where monsters had been not only discovered but conquered by mankind, and the world was a virtual utopia (for the mortals.)  All the things they had learned from studying the diverse monster biologies had created a paradise on Earth, and monsters had been reduced to the status of "pets" serving mankind.  The monster did not all remember who they were and some had become other people.  Eglantyne goaded the descendant of Stavros into believing that she herself was part monster in a bid to increase awareness, and at that same moment, Mordiken who was now a large fat woman who owned NightStalkers, reasoned that this all might just be a dream, and the players all found themselves back where they were before, as if none of it had ever happened.
VII. The Hunter:
Janlop, the thief of long ago cursed to live as a jackal, was frustrated by his inability to dupe Stavros out of his millions and instead went to Stavros' downtown offices and murdered 30 humans in broad daylight.   This created a furor among monsters and humans alike! The city was placed under martial law, which meant monsters' freedoms were severely curtailed, and Stavros was beside himself.  Everyone was howling for Janlop's blood, but the Master said that wasn't the half of it.
Soon, this event attracted monster-hunters to the city.  Organizations like The Red Moon with high-tech weaponry and a terrorist dedication came and began to slaughter all monsters indiscriminately in droves.  They had instruments that defeated any disguise, and weapons that melted any monster on the spot.
The Master, outraged by the death of his subjects, fought them and was destroyed, utterly.  Stavros was against them, feeling perhaps loyalty to his own kind now.  The monsters were alone. Finally, Stavros made some unknown promises to the hunters and they left.  He then installed XTRANS, a private anti-monster police force, with a mandate to keep such slaughters under control (and to guard the secret.)
VIII. Godzilla:
As amazing as it sounds, the city was actually attacked by some kind of huge dinosaur who was dubbed "Godzilla."  He tore through the streets, terrorized the entire populace.  The monsters did the smart thing and stayed out of his way, though some of them did note a similarity between their satyrn friend Mikal and the newcomer -- likely a mutant offshoot.  Stavros, ever the fancier of new monsters, was contracted by military forces as an "advisor" but he secretly used his own airforce to try to stop the military harming "Godzilla" and capture him.  He failed, and was arrested for high treason.  The monsters eventually had to help, to avoid blowing the lid off the secret of their existence.  Eglantyne's meer which had escaped and grown to huge size, was tossed into a pit where the dinosaur had been stunned by a massive military explosive.  The meer devoured the remains, and crystallized into solid form.   Eglantyne and the Master removed this valuable resource, and all the evidence, quickly.
IX. The Old Ones:
The players began to notice, through various observations, that there was something.. lurking. People of psychic persuasion began to grow increasingly agitated. Eg heard voices. Blake learned that the cheerleader, Candi, had gained possession of a certain book. Then, weeks later, the cabal left. Vanished without trace. The monsters began to realize that Candi was attempting to summon The Old Ones. The players found out that the Cabal, the oldest race in the universe, feared this thing more than anything, and to avoid them had vacated the universe. They learned that the Old Ones are eternal, existing beyond space and time, of vast powers far beyond even the Cabal. 
The players became trapped in an eerie old house, constructed by a madman, as an antennae to bring in and focus the Old Ones' energy. Nike, the ancient goddess of victory, remained behind when all the Cabal left. From her, they learned that long ago the Cabal had fought a terrible war to keep the Old Ones away, and they had done so by essentially locking the universe and themselves away in a "box" and losing the key. As with anything, there was a loophole, a certain key which when spoken by a sentient being, would blow the locks and let the Old Ones in.
The house they found themselves in allowed the Old Ones to have some influence on the physical universe. There, they found Stavros had a plan. He sought to allow the summoning to begin, allow the Old Ones to become physical beings.. real. And then to destroy them, permanently, the only way they could be destroyed and thereby end their reign of terror.. but the monsters fought the Old Ones in combat, and when two of them had died, the others retreated. Blake destroyed Stavros' nuclear device, and the Old Ones got away.