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Mythology of Eyes in the Dark

The following are excerpts from the private diaries of the Master:

Vampires - Ah what a paradox of strength and weakness.  They look so human except to themselves whom they cannot see.  Only living, human blood will sustain them, though any blood will renew their strength.  Each night at sunset they rise in the same state as when they died, no matter what state they lay down.  They must rest upon the cool earth of their grave to soothe their wounds.  As they do not live nor have blood, knives and bullets do them little harm, though a solid stick applied with rhythmic vigor will drive them off.  They cannot bear the presence of true faith nor garlic. Running water will destroy them, if their shadow is as mist.  Though those with a different shadow will have a different character.  Ah, how things change. By day they lay dead in their graves, but the notions that they spontaneously combust in a mere ray of sunlight is a theatrical invention. Shape-Shifters - A favorite of mine among the undead.. a little homo sapiens, a little beast.  Mankind calls this a disease, but it seems to pass by all manner of means-- by birth, by bite, by will and spontaneously, too.  How marvellous!  They find it the hardest to let go their humanity, I find.  Many things can trigger an attack, loud sounds, smells, even a certain time of month.  I have seen them change instantly almost when they wish to, and other times fight with all their might not to, and be defeated.  Whatever this thing is, it has a will of its own.  I think I would best describe them as a beast, put in a cage of flesh and blood.  They do have such great power, but they are such troubled, unrestful creatures.
Satyrn - Mankind call these 'dragons' but they call themselves Satyrn after their home Satyrnus.  I know so little about them, but they are truly rare and marvellous creatures. Magic and Sorcery - I have heard of such things, but I have yet to see such power in the hands of a mere mortal.  I hear that there are a few on Earth, but I have never met one.  They must be exceedingly rare.
Kane -Occasionally a strange creature I meet will speak of this place.  I was never very strong in the new astronomical thinking, but as near as I could understand they claimed that many of the creatures I call my brothers come from a faraway world called Kane where they are quite the norm!  I think it a fancy, myself, but what a fancy!  I can scarce conceive a world where monsters were the norm! Angels and Demons - such things exist I have seen them, but despite what man believes, they do not seem very interested in the doings on this world at all.  On occasion I will meet a demon or an angel, or witness one of their tremendous battles, but only the demons seem to take any interest in my city, this country or this world and its doings, and then only as an amusement.  Something is going out, far beyond my ken, between these powerful beings.  I cannot say what.  I also get the very keen sense that gargoyles are related in this somehow, for they react as one family.
Old Ones - I am reluctant even to commit this to paper.  There is no word in the language to describe that which is to monsters as we are to mortals, but nevertheless.  Over the centuries, even millenia I have lived here, I have begun to sense a great tapestry, a terrible secret about the world and of a power, a rule that goes far beyond mortal man and monster alike.  All I have managed to glean is that they wait.  They wait and if ever they are loosed, it will mean the end, even for creatures such as I.  Though I could if it were my wish reach out and crush an entire city, or perhaps bring down a country if I were so determined, what few direct dealings I have had with these forces has taught me that they would swat me as a fly.

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