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So you're interested in joining our league of fiends, eh? When you read the macabre tale of The City you said "my kinda town" instead of screeching in horror?  Perhaps under that human exterior you are one of us.  The ranks of the restless dead are indeed swelling today!

Joining Eyes in the Dark involves several steps.  You must a) discuss your character with the gamemaster, b) set up your IRC client, and c) prepare some dice.

More information on these steps is given below, so starting pushing your way out of the soil!

Selling your Soul

The idea of I2D is for each PC to play a monster, so the first thing you need to do is pick a monster that interests you.  Give this some thought, as it will be a large part of your roleplaying.  Hollywood seems only interested in one or two, but there are an endless variety.  The creature you choose need not technically be a monster, a human mad scientist or a human monster slayer would both be legal.  Actually, just about anything that would fit the genre is worth asking.

When you have a basic idea, discuss it with the gamemaster.  He will help you to fill out and round the idea, and especially to fit it into the culture of The City, and the player-group, and avoid things like two monsters with identical needs and abilities joining the game.  It's important not to invent a concept that leans too heavily on power.   Oh, the mortals will all be impressed and helpless before your mighty powers, but your peers are also monsters, and you will need wit, cunning and guile to win their respect.

When you submit your concept, and are accepted into the game you are asked to undertake a Five-Game Contract: You agree to attend five game sessions before you make your decision to stay.  We have decided on this rule because IRC gaming confuses IRC chatters and tabletop RPGers a lot and it takes time to get used to.   Some people cannot adjust to this style of gaming, but it deserves fair chance.

Send us your Real Name, real telephone number and your e-mail address for the mailing list.   The gamemaster plans stories around players and insists he know who will be attending, so please notify us if you will be away.

Setup your IRC Client

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is the medium for our game (and there the similarity ends.) The technology now exists for gamers all over the world to connect and game on their computers as if they were round a table. To play, you need an IRC client like Pirch, (follow this link for detailed instructions) and you need to connect to MagicStar on

At the moment, Eyes in the Dark is played every Friday evening at 9pm EST. See How to Play for more information on what to do when you reach us.

Turning a Blind Die

You will need dice to play I2D.  If you don't have any you'll have to dig out your old monopoly set or go to your local gaming store.   You need regular dice, or d6s the kind you get in backgammon.  However, before they can be used for I2D they too must be corrupted.  The "6" side has to be blinded off -- what we call a Blind Die.   You can paint over it, put a small sticker on it or send away to us for official IDEAS-V dice at: Andrew Pidcock, 92 Victoria Dr, Baie d'Urfe, QC H9X 2H2, Canada.  The dice now rolls from 0 to 5 instead of 1 to 6 and is ready for play.  There is NO ROLL SIX.  It's a good idea to have 3 dice, but you can make do with 1 and don't need more than 5.

I2D also has a built in dice-roller.  Type "roll 3" in channel and it will display the result of a roll on 3D to everyone in the channel, including your gamemaster.  "Roll 2" does 2D, and so on.  This is very handy, and will work in any channel occupied by your GM.  Some people like to roll the dice themselves, though the I2D roller leaves no room for cheating :)