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"...Just outside the fiction of "The Known World" Man has built about himself, lay shadows -- where things he cannot believe nor accept exist, unknown in man's world except perhaps in his oldest, deepest nightmares. There.. in the Dark, things dwell, existing despite his protestations and his prayers to the great god Science; their evil unquenched, their fearsome eyes blazing red with envy, going bump in his night. He never turns and looks, for there is nothing he fears more than the Eyes in the Dark." 
Eyes in the Dark (abbrev. I2D) is an online RPG where you - the player - play the role of a monster living in a city in the 20th century: A creature, human in appearance only, stalking mankind by night and hidden by day, going bump in his night.  It is an often-disturbing game, focused less upon mechanics and more upon role-playing and the intrigue between monsters in the city.
Eyes in the Dark uses the IDEAS-V© system, and requires no experience to play.  On these web-pages you will find information about characters, situation, background and rules useful for a prospective newcomer to the city, as well as for long-standing players.  To learn more, click any of the links on your left to jump to that section of the city. 
Eyes in the Dark welcomes all new players, and our gaming style encourages players with creativity and initiative.  Excellent role-players also find a good forum within the makeup of the city and its politics, to build and develop their characters more fully than in other situations.