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Below you will find a little menagerie of our monsters. This classifies the beasts by the game they play in and provides links to pictures, e-mail and character sheets. All character sheets are in the IDEAS(c) system. 
Release the messenger-raven  to contact that fiend, open the door  to go to their home page, or unwrap the scroll to view their character sheet.

Alex Wolf: A wolfwere who has the spirit of a trickster.
Eglantyne Stuart is a sunny vampiress who writes children's books.
The Rakshasa is an unreal creature who feeds off of dreams.
Mikal is a white satyrn (or dragon) living in the city.
Mordiken, the necromancer, is undead and haunts the living.
Janlop was cursed to be a jackalwere for being a thief.
Skan is a reptile, a pacifist but deadly when ired.
Crawly is a scientist bonded to an alien symbiote.
Nassim gat Kanda is an bestial gargoyle who strives to keep balance in the city.

(image) Rumpus character descriptions are not available yet.


A Pfuka is a gulgacht that resembles a horse made of water, that drags unsuspecting riders to a watery demise.
Warwulves literally "wear wolf", skinning their victims to absorb their life, skills and memories.

Loopy is a kooky white werewolf who has empathic shape-shifting abilities.
Korul Al-Wassar is a lonely gargoyle uncertain of his past.

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