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A Who's What of City dwellers

Eglantyne Stewart is a vampiress famous among mortals for her "fictitious" vampire books and children's literature, and tabloid scandals.  She owns a converted warehouse south of The City and lives there with a small entourage of young vampires and monsters such as the winnowy Tracy, or the kooky Loopy who all seem mesmerized by her.  She also seems to have the Master and Stavros in her back pocket.  Though she professes to have no interest in the politics of The City, she is nevertheless implicated whenever anything important is happening, usually deeply.  Eglantyne keeps alive by means of an alien Blood Substitute Serum (BSS9009) which she distills for herself and her minions in a secret location.  Though she says she has been dead but a few years, she has the presence of a very elder vampire.
The Rakshasa is a puzzling creature, seemingly able to mimick everything a human does or feels, and yet so inhuman.  It feeds off of dreams, making them into reality, creating all manner of havoc and chaos in The City.  Seeking to unravel the ephemeral mysteries of mortality, the Rakshasa has become half-human, and adopted the personae of two mortals: One is a young punk girl attending junior high, the other is Robyn Stoker- Action 6 news reporter, which she adopted under mysterious circumstances, inheriting a husband and an errant daughter, December, who hates monsters.  It lives in the suburbs.
Janlop was cursed 1000 years ago to live as the "jackal" he was, and hasn't learned much in getting here.   He is unprincipled and selfish, conniving and cruel, in short-- he is a true monster with no delusions of morality.   Janlop owns the Falafel Kingdom, a struggling egyptian restaurant, and keeps largely to himself.  Since his mass slaughter of 30 people caused the city's monsters to nearly be wiped out by the Red Moon, and the subsequent creation of XTRANS, he is not very popular among his own kind, though the Master has quite a soft spot in his heart for this fiend who is truly a fiend.
Chance Hunter aka "Skan" is a man who becomes a reptile, a discovery he made through spiritualism.  Chance is a peaceful, pacifistic man who owns a Dojo and teaches self-defense, whereas Skan seems to have a tendency towards chaos and violence.  Chance is assisted by Lacy, a young punk were-rat who also seeks peace.  Under the Dojo are special cells where monsters can go and hide when they are hunted or persecuted.  It is known in the city that if something must be guarded or protected, to seek out Chance Hunter.
Alex Wolf is a young werewolf who is just being born onto the wolf of man, who has lived up until now as a wolf only.  Already a king among canines, he commands stray dogs and a wolf pack, and yet as a human is just a young teen.  He was adopted by a strange old woman who seems to think he is her son, and also is the protege of Stavros.  Alex is an innocent, and quite simple, yet he has the savagery of the wild about him, and the nature of a leprechaun.  He lives oftimes in the human world, and other times, in the wolf house in the zoo.
Mikal is a satyrn (or "dragon" as men know them) who was living on Earth 200 years ago and was taken into stasis during an alien invasion and only recently released.  Confused by the changes in man, Mikal wishes to call back the past, and from his converted Chapel, he hoards his riches and guides the actions of a pack of hoodlums called the Knights to do his will.  He is assisted by the alien technology of the Source, and visited by another of his kind, Chuxianpang, also new to Earth.  As yet only fringing on city politics, he is one of the most powerful single beings in the city.
Perhaps most confused of all the damned in the city is Selenin, who was once an FBI agent and when he found an odd blue stone one night it forever changed him into some kind of alien bat parasite.  He is tormented by empathic dreams and an odd feeling of connection to certain of the monsters in the city.  He feels there is a purpose to his life, but still feels lost.  No one truly understands his powers, he seems to have so many, but many of them are nothing but lethal bio-weapons. He is a powder keg, waiting to go off.  Selenin runs the Tabloid, a staple of city life where all the news of the monster world is printed truthfully and factually and ignored by the general public and chuckled at.  He also runs a gaming society for goths.
The Master is the self-styled King of the Undead in his city.  The problem is, he has the power to back up his claim.  Fortunately, he takes his duty to his "subjects" quite seriously and is there when a monster is in need.  Unfortunately, he is also capricious, violent and has a rather odd sense of humor.  He owns and operates NightStalkers and commands an army of soulless mortals, zombies and skeleton warriors to do his bidding.  He is a useful ally, and a terrible adversary.   He is extremely old, and speaks of periods in history very far back.  It is not known if he even can be destroyed at all.  

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